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ZAP! Juice Presents ZFUEL our New Caffeine injected E-liquid to help fuel your day.

01. OG    02. SUPER ACAI.     03. CITRON FREEZE        04.PINK PUNCH 

These four new unique flavours, inspired by your favourite energy drinks. Bring a new alternative to the vaping world. 

Containing 300mg of caffeine per 50ml Bottle

Z FUEL Original – Engage your day with the help from our Original Flavour. OG brings an extreme sensation to your everyday vape.

With 300mg of Caffeine to keep you running.

Z FUEL Super Acai – Upgrade your liquid to Super Acai, for a fast, and sweet ride. Super Acai brings a new drive to your day.

With 300mg of Caffeine to keep you rolling.

Z FUEL Citron Freeze – This coolant brings systems back online, with a strong refreshing sour ice blast.

With 300mg of Caffeine to keep you racing.

Z FUEL Pink Punch – Looking for an adrenaline rush? try our Pink Punch, with enough punch to keep you on your toes.

With 300mg of Caffeine to keep you competing.

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