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Menthol jurassic vape – For smokers or ex-smokers of menthol, this liquid will not distract you, it will be appropriate for you. A perfect balance between tobacco flavor and slightly sweetened menthol. A compromise subtly dosed, making it an eliquide quite suitable for an all-day vaping.

Classic blend jurassic vape – An original with multiple gourmet and sweet flavors, for a roasted, caramelized and vanilla vape. What makes it a gourmet tobacco complex, indescribable, but intoxicating. Extremely effective for a vape in All day

Sweet brown jurassic vape – For lovers of gourmet classics this liquid will be at your convenience. the original Brown has a true original light taste. It can be a real asset and a safe bet for people starting in the vape as well as for confirmed lovers of original liquid.

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