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This is the new Tuck Shop Flavors from Vape Dinner Lady

Lemon Sherbet by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop is the classic lemon boiled sweet. Enter a citrus explosion of sour and tangy goodness

Bubble Trouble by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop is so good you’ll be chewing your clouds. The iconic flavour of tuck shop bubble-gum

Apple Sours by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop is a nostalgic favourite with a kick. Sweet apple balanced with a punchy sour finish

Sweet Fusion by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop is a burst of chewy fruits. This multicoloured sweet sensation is sure to excite your taste buds

Fizzy Watermelon Candy -A sweet and chewy watermelon gummy candy coated with tangy and fizzy sour sugar. This Dinner Lady Tuckshop range is going to be awesome!

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