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In Asian culture, the Mamasan is a lady in a position of authority. The Mamasan eJuice brings exotic Asian blends of flavors that will take control of your taste buds.

Shop all of The Mamasan eLiquid brands, it’s unlike anything in your collection.

A.S.A.P. – A Sour Candy mix of Green Apple, Sweet Strawberry, and Peach all kissed with a cool exhale.

BRUCE LEECHEE – Juicy Mangos with a soft touch of Sweet Lychee.

GUAVA POP – Guava hard candy finished with a sweet Juicy Peach.

MAMA MELON – The Mother of all Melon Flavors. Fresh Honey Dew Melon, Chinese Hami Melon and lots and lots of Vanilla Cream.

PURPLE CHEESECAKE – Rich and Creamy Filipino Style Ube Cheesecake.


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