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Find all the creativity and glamor of Cloudfuel! Go under the sun or under your duvet with these fruity or gourmet flavors that will make you salivate sweetness.

CloudFuel – Merry Berry – Cassis, paired with juicy pink grapefruit and black berries for a refreshing summer dance.

CloudFuel – Mello Bello – A juicy watermelon, sprinkled with a sparkling soda to awaken your senses!

CloudFuel – Lychee Peachy – A perfectly balanced sun ripened peach and lychee for a mouth-watering taste explosion.

CloudFuel – Easy Cheezy- A freshly baked Cheese Cake with a delicious sweet strawberry filling.

CloudFuel – Creamy Dreamy – The lightness of a Greek yoghurt, with a freshly spooned blueberry, will make you slide off your chair.

CloudFuel – Coca Loca – An aroma of Coca, mixed with a Rum, all in a sparkling formula of lime, what you want!

CloudFuel – Nana Banana – Think of the vanilla ice cream, topped with a ripe banana and sprinkled with crunchy sugar cookies.

CloudFuel – Tacco Bacco – Enjoy spicy, harmoniously balanced tobacco leaves mixed with salted caramel and roasted peanuts.

CloudFuel – Tarty Party – A light meringue, a lemon flavor without equal, an assembly that will make you relive the tasting of your favorite dessert.

CloudFuel – Troppy Droppy – A tropical and refreshing blend of juicy pineapple, mangoes and kiwis. Flip flops are not included.

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