Welcome to our 100º giveaway!!
And almost 3 years later, 99 giveaways and hundreds of prizes given, we had to celebrate the 100 in the best way!!!
And that’s why we have 71 prizes for you!!
And how are we able to offer so many prizes?
Because when several international brands and national stores believe in our work, everything becomes easier.
In this way, we want to thank them for their collaboration:
Liquid Puff – Greece
Chemnovatic – Portugal
Contraste Vaping
Capitão Vapor
Foz Vape
Smoke Quality


My Mix Premium
And the prizes are:
1º prize: Innokin Sensis kit

DSC_0133-01 (Copy)

2º prize: Innokin Kroma Z

DSC_0109-01 (Copy)

3º prize: Innokin Endura T22 Pro

DSC_0119-01 (Copy)

4º prize: Innokin Podin

DSC_0120-01 (Copy)

5º prize: Innokin Endura M18

DSC_0110-01 (Copy).jpeg

6º prize: Innokin Sceptre

DSC_0128-01 (Copy)

7º prize: Innokin Jem Pen

DSC_0112-01 (Copy)

8º prize: Innokin EQ

DSC_0111-01 (Copy)

9º prize: Innokin Glim

DSC_0127-01 (Copy)

10º prize: Innokin I.O

DSC_0108-01 (Copy)

11º prize: Innokin Zenith Pro

DSC_0118-01 (Copy).jpeg

12º prize: Innokin Plex

DSC_0116-01 (Copy).jpeg

13º prize: Innokin Ares RTA

DSC_0122-01 (Copy).jpeg

14º prize: Innokin Scion II

DSC_0121-01 (Copy)

15º prize: Wotofo MDura Pro

DSC_0126-01 (Copy)

16º and 17º prize: Wotofo Troll RTA

DSC_0124-01 (Copy).jpeg

DSC_0124-01 (Copy)

18º and 19º prize: Wotofo SRPNT RDA

DSC_0123-01 (Copy)

DSC_0125-01 (Copy).jpeg

20º prize: Wotofo Manik Mini

DSC_0129-01 (Copy).jpeg

21º prize: Voopoo Vinci II

DSC_0115-01 (Copy).jpeg

22º prize: Joyetech Evio

DSC_0113-01 (Copy).jpeg

23º prize: Famovape Magma AIO

DSC_0131-01 (Copy).jpeg

24º prize: Smoant Vikii

DSC_0132-01 (Copy).jpeg

25º prize: Yddz T1 RTA

DSC_0117-01 (Copy).jpeg

26º prize: Vandyvape Requiem BF kit (sended by Contraste Vaping)

DSC_0114-01 (Copy).jpeg

27º prize: Geekvape Aegis Nano + Complete Galaktica range (sended by Aquasmoke & Galaktika)
28º prize: Mi-Pod + 2 E-liquids (sended by Luxvapor)

DSC_0161-01 (Copy)

29º prize: Like a Woman, complete range (sended by Enjoyvaper)

DSC_0146-01 (Copy)

30º to 37º prizes: 6 Mix & Go Gusto flavors (sended by Chemnovatic)

DSC_0142-01 (Copy).jpeg

DSC_0142-01 (Copy)

DSC_0142-01 (Copy)

38º to 40º prizes: 2 Froot E-liquids (sended by Liquid Puff)

DSC_0150-01 (Copy).jpeg

DSC_0150-01 (Copy)

DSC_0150-01 (Copy)

41º prize: 3 E-liquids + 2 sets of coils (sended by Foz Vape)

DSC_0165-01 (Copy).jpeg

42º prize: Vaporesso VM Stick 18 + 1 E- liquid ( sended by Capitão Vapor)

DSC_0164-01 (Copy)

43º to 46º prizes: 2 Shades E-liquids (sended by Chemnovatic)

DSC_0152-01 (Copy).jpeg

DSC_0153-01 (Copy).jpeg

DSC_0154-01 (Copy).jpeg

DSC_0155-01 (Copy).jpeg

47º prize: 3 Illusions E-liquids (sended by e4cigar)

DSC_0163-01 (Copy).jpeg

48º prize: 3 Firestarter E-liquids (sended by Vapor4all)

DSC_0166-01 (Copy).jpeg

49º prize: The Proto RTA + 2 E-liquids (sended by Luxvapor)

DSC_0162-01 (Copy).jpeg

50º prize: My Fruit Mix range (sended by Enjoyvaper)

DSC_0156-01 (Copy)

51º prize: Tenshi range

DSC_0145-01 (Copy).jpeg

52º and 53º prizes: 2 Herrera E-liquids (sended by Contraste Vaping)

DSC_0147-01 (Copy)

DSC_0148-01 (Copy).jpeg

54º prize: Viper range (sended by Enjoyvaper)

DSC_0160-01 (Copy)

55º prize: 4 Japonism E-liquids

DSC_0159-01 (Copy)

56º prize: 3 My Fruit Mix ( sended by My Mix Premium)

DSC_0157-01 (Copy).jpeg

57º prize: 2 My Fruit Mix ( sended by My Mix Premium)

DSC_0158-01 (Copy).jpeg

58º prize: 3 E-liquids

DSC_0167-01 (Copy).jpeg

59º prize: 3 E-liquids

DSC_0168-01 (Copy)

60º prize: 3 E-liquids

DSC_0169-01 (Copy).jpeg

61º prize: 3 E-liquids

DSC_0170-01 (Copy).jpeg

62º prize: 3 E-liquids

DSC_0171-01 (Copy).jpeg

63º prize: 2 E-liquids

DSC_0172-01 (Copy).jpeg

64º prize: 1 Vape T-shirt (sended by Smoke Quality)

DSC_0106-01 (Copy)

65º prize: 1 Vape T-shirt (sended by Smoke Quality)

DSC_0107-01 (Copy).jpeg

66º prize: 1 Vape Cap

DSC_0103-01 (Copy).jpeg

67º prize: 1 Vape Cap

DSC_0104-01 (Copy).jpeg

68º prize: 1 Vape Cap

DSC_0105-01 (Copy).jpeg

69º prize: 2 CBD E-liquids

DSC_0135-01 (Copy).jpeg

70º prize: 2 E-liquids

DSC_0144-01 (Copy).jpeg

71º prize: 3 concentrate flavors from Vapedinnerlady

To participate in the giveaway, the rules are simple:

Leave a comment
Entries has to be with First and Last name
Only valid 1 entry per person!!
You must be +18 to enter!

The giveaway ends on 23 of July and the result will be publish in the next day!
Open worldwide!
The winners have to pay the shipping costs!!

Good Luck to all the participants!!


Hello everyone!

Let´s see who will win our 100º giveaway!!

The winners will be pick in the third random, and from 1 to 71 will be the winners of the correspondent prize.

Good luck to you all!!!

The winners are:

  1. Carlos Jesus
  2. JoãoCatarino
  4. Nelson Oliveira
  5. Valter Vinagre
  6. Rodrigo Santos
  7. David Pereira
  8. Ricardo Avelar
  9. Sérgio Vinagre
  10. Lúcia Vicente
  11. Vitor Silva
  12. Tiago Soares
  13. Filipe Ferreira
  14. Sr. Simões (ReboleiraVaping)
  15. Manuel Gonçalves
  16. Ruben Covelinhas
  17. João Cadilha
  18. Afonso Dias
  19. Aléxia Silva
  20. Ricardo Melo
  21. Joana Raquel Almeida Gonçalves
  22. Carlos Galvão
  23. Antonio Oliveira
  24. Ana Silva
  25. Pedro Ferreira
  26. Ernesto Castro
  27. João Alves
  28. Sonia Santos
  29. Marco Figueiredo
  30. Joao vitor
  31. Ricardo Moniz
  32. Eduardo Pinto
  33. Bruno Pereira
  34. Felipe Julio
  35. João Leitão
  36. Sérgio Silva
  37. Alexandre Reis
  38. Ricardo Estevão
  39. Bruno Gonçalves
  40. Joana Jardim
  41. Pedro Durão
  42. Cristina Andrade
  43. David Pires
  44. Paulo Alexandre
  45. Ricardo Ferreira
  46. Daciano Miranda
  47. Tiago Simões
  48. Paulo Ferreira
  49. hugo martins
  50. Fa ricia sales
  51. Mateus Poljak
  52. Edmundo Julio
  53. Nuno Cunha
  54. Beatriz Menezes
  55. Nuno Faria
  56. Carolina Augusto
  57. Maria José
  58. Fred Martinez
  59. José Silva
  60. João Narciso
  61. Joao Agrizzi
  62. Sérgio Vasconcelos
  63. Nelson sousa
  64. Vítor Alves
  65. Patrícia Macário
  66. Ruben Filipe
  67. Gonçalo Encarnação
  68. Tania Catalo
  69. Joel Sousa
  70. Ricardo Valdagua
  71. Samuel Jorge




Thank you all for your support!!