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LEMON TART E-LIQUID  – Lemon Tart e-liquid is widely regarded as Dinner Lady’s signature blend and best flavour. On inhale, the buttery notes of pastry with a light meringue are present, followed by a sweet, citrus-laced lemon curd for an authentic vape.

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Caramel Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid – Caramel Tobacco 50:50 is one for the connoisseurs. Packed with a blend of dark caramel, vanilla cream and a hint of honey layered over rich Cavendish tobacco, Dinner Lady Caramel Tobacco e-liquid is a luxurious dessert-inspired vape.

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Mango Ice 10ml E-Liquid – Mango Ice 50:50 is the perfect summer vape. A sweet and juicy blend of Alphonso and honey mango with an ice-cold, slushie-style finish, Dinner Lady Mango Ice is guaranteed to keep you cool whatever the weather. If you like your fruit vapes exotic, Mango Ice 50:50 could be your new all-day vape.

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Smooth Tobacco 10ml E-Liquid – Offering a flavour profile inspired by the silky smoothness of blonde rolling tobacco, Dinner Lady Smooth Tobacco e-liquid offers a milder combination of flavours; perfect for those that find tobacco vapes too strong. A base of oak-smoked tobacco is bolstered by sweet and savoury notes, ensuring every draw is silky and rich. 

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Purple Rain 10ml E-Liquid – Purple Rain is an irresistible fruit slush of an eliquid with a delicious balance of tangy raspberries and sweet blueberries and a subtle hint of lemon to add a little citrus sharpness to the experience.

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Kiwi Melon 10ml E-Liquid – Kiwi Melon e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a combination of tropical fruits blended to be an all-day vape. The juicy taste of watermelon delivers a sweet note, countered on exhale by a tangy kiwi flavour for a balanced vape.

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