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Apple Muffin – The Apple Muffin offers a mix of muffins, apples and cinnamon, for a unique mouth feel, you will love the fruity and gourmet side at the same time!

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Blueberry Yogurt – Enjoy delicious Greek yogurt mixed with cereals and blueberries. The powerful woodcutter simply represents the power of this product!

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Strawberry Milkshake – The Strawberry Milkshake will seduce you quickly thanks to its very representative fruity flavor.

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Vanilla Cream – Enjoy a tasty vanilla cream that is very similar to whipped cream thanks to the e-liquid Vanilla Cream. You’ll love spending the adventure with LumberJuice’s woodcutter!

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Strawberry Muffin – LumberJuice’s lumberjack makes you discover his Strawberry Muffin e-liquid, a gourmet and fruity product at the same time. This offers a mixture of muffin, strawberry associated with a hint of cinnamon.

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