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VIR – Biscuit Tobacco – From the field of Richmond, Virginia. Nutty, Smokey tobacco leaves have been infused with crunchy, caramel filled biscuits and offered as the perfect starter on Vape Airways.

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LDN – Strawberry Tart – From the legendary boroughs of London. These Strawberry Tarts were perfected by the master bakers of the city now served as a delicious dessert on Vape Airways.

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LAX – Valencia Orange – From OC to Los Angeles these delightful Valencia Oranges are bursting with juicy citrus zest, perfect for your morning flight to the golden state.

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SAF – Watermelon on ice – Set your sights on the Kalahari Desert, the origin of the Watermelon. Where the taste is purest served aboard Vape airways on the rocks for ultimate satisfaction.

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