IMG20200721113514-01 (Copy)IMG20200721113524-01 (Copy)IMG20200721113530-01 (Copy)

NO FRILLS COLLECTION SERIES – TOBAK CHERRY – Vanilla Tobak is a smooth, rich tobacco flavour, with a sweet & sour cherry blended through to add a beautiful bite for good measure.

IMG20200721111212-01 (Copy)IMG20200721115153-01 (Copy)

NO FRILLS COLLECTION SERIES – POPCORN SWEET – Sweet popcorn is a sticky layered treat, sitting atop the most comforting roasted popcorn.

IMG20200721115855-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200721123714-01 (Copy)

GOT MILK? – BANANA MILKSHAKE – Only the ripest Banana’s make a milkshake! Reminiscent of your favourite brand, this sweet and decedent shake will make you shout ‘yahoo!’ on every pull!

IMG20200721111158-01 (Copy)IMG20200721120350-01 (Copy)

JUST JUICE 80/20 – HAZELNUT COFFEE CREAM – Are you a coffee lover? well we have created this one for you! A fresh creamy coffee brewed to perfection, expertly blended with hazelnut sauce to bring you this beautifully balanced vape to go with any occasion.

IMG20200721115222-01 (Copy)IMG20200721123517-01 (Copy)

DOUGH BROS CHOCOLATE E-LIQUID – Chocolate lovers take note! We take the doughnut simple, yet delicious, a step further by hand-dipping it in smooth, creamy, delectable chocolate icing and filling with a sweet chocolate frosting. One of the best chocolate flavoured liquids out there.

IMG20200721111128-01 (Copy)IMG20200721123406-01 (Copy)

DIAMOND DRIP CUSTARD – BERRY CUSTARD – The finest mixed berries blended with a smooth vanilla custard.

IMG20200721115639-01 (Copy)IMG20200721123503-01 (Copy)

JUST JAM – APRICOT CRUMBLE – Take the ripest Apricots, render them down into the richest Jus, then add rich, toasted crumble on top! A true match made in heaven.

IMG20200721115140-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200721123241-01 (Copy)

LOLLY VAPE CO – SCREW IT – A soft whipped ice cream swirled with raspberry sauce. Not forgetting that chewy bubblegum at the bottom. The minute you open the bottle you will be saying screw-it because it’s all gone.

IMG20200721111135-01 (Copy)IMG20200721115216-01 (Copy)

You can find them and an enormous and delicious variety of flavors in:

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