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MKL VAPE DISTRO is a company founded in the Canary Islands in 2019.
After many years in the sector as the owner of several vaping shops and collaborator of several important companies in this world, both in Spain and in Italy and Portugal, its owner and founder decided to launch its own line of liquids on the market.

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The “MKL ONE” – 11 flavors in 50 ml format that vary from fruit to sweet to fresh.

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BEFORE 9 AM – The name says it all! The more intense chocolate with the freshness of mint.

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MELON ICE CREAM – The summer must! You will spend unforgettable moments.
Melon, cream and Koolada.

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ORANGE THRILL – Forget sodas and satisfy your desire with this incredible liquid!

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SWALM – Do not forget the name … The top of the fruit of the forest anise licorice and menthol.

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DONATELLO – A crispy white almond, surrounded by a soft and velvety cream in a wafer shell, covered with coconut flakes.

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TRIX – Delicious butter cookie, topped with caramel and milk chocolate.

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POWER – Flavor of energy drink!

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GRED PASSION – Amazing fruity flavor with watermelon, raspberry and green tea with a touch of mint!

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BIG PLEASURE – The dessert of the year … Chocolate sponge cake with vanilla, strawberry and cream.

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BLUE LOVE – Blue, white and yellow! Coconut, blueberry and vanilla of Madagascar.

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DARK COOKIE – Your dark chocolate cookie with milk cream.

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