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Eliquid France, responsible laboratory

Obviously Eliquid France adapts to all the standards in force and the responsible practices of the Vape market. For example, you will be able to find the lot number on each of our products ensuring perfect traceability, all our bottles are equipped with child safety as required by TPD law. In addition, all our e-liquids are declared and their fees paid for France and Europe.

The Eliquid France team is present at each stage of manufacturing. From the search for the best mixes to the packaging of products through labeling, our company can control the quality of e-liquids throughout the process to bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Creator of more than 60 liquids, Eliquid France offers products to the “new” vapers with our mono-aroma e-liquids, as well as to confirmed ones looking for original flavors and worked like our Premium , Sweet Cream , Classic Kiss and Fruizee ranges

Our company is recognized in the world of vaping for its complex products and has won several awards for the Premium liquid “Supreme”:

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Fruizee range:

Tropikania – A tasty cocktail of fruity and sweet treats mixing strawberries, bananas and tangerines. A fruity but also fresh marriage with the Xtra Fresh effect of Fruizee.

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Summer time – An original fruity combination of dragon fruit, guava and lemon. An exotic extra fresh blend!

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Spring break – A tangy fruity blend of red fruits, grapes and yuzu with a sweet note brought by liquorice. An original E-liquid always with the Xtra Fresh effect of the Fruizee range.

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Sunset lover – A tasty blend combining the sweetness of red fruits and the tangy taste of lemon always combined with the Xtra Fresh effect of Fruizee.

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Purple beach – An original, juicy and sweet combination of peach and grape. Always combined with the Xtra Fresh effect of the Fruizee, the Purple Beach will surprise you!

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Fire moon – The Fire Moon will transport you in summer all year round with the tangy flavor of a very ripe raspberry mixed with the sweet sweetness of a strawberry. Accompanied by our Xtra Fresh effect, the Fire Moon has everything all-day.

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Crazy Mango – A delicious ripe and sweet mango combined with the extra freshness of the Fruizee range.

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Bloody summer – A tasty fruity and sweet blend of red fruits, grapes and blackcurrants. A real treat always combined with the Xtra Fresh effect of Fruizee.

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Icee Mint – With the Icee Mint E-liquid, immerse yourself in an ultimate wave of freshness with this mixture of icy mint and the Xtra Fresh effect from the Fruizee range.

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Lemon Orange Mandarin – A tasty blend of citrus fruits combined with an Xtra Fresh effect that will make you feel on vacation at any time of the year!

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Blackcurrant lemon – An excellent e-liquid mixing the tangy flavors of lemon and blackcurrant accompanied by the Xtra Fresh effect of the Fruizee range.

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Cola Apple – A surprising blend of the famous sparkling drink and the sweet taste of apple combined with the Xtra Fresh effect.

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Blackcurrant Mango – A delicious combination of the tangy taste of blackcurrant and the sweet flavor of a mango combined with an Xtra Fresh effect.

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