IMG20200517111740-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200517115101-01 (Copy).jpeg

Kir Royal – Aperitif with a champagne flavor and crème de cassis.

IMG20200517111926-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200517121342-01 (Copy).jpeg

Mojito – Cocktail made with white rum, cane sugar syrup and spearmint leaves.

IMG20200517111227-01 (Copy)IMG20200517121815-01 (Copy).jpeg

Cuba Libre – Cocktail made with Cuban white rum, cola and lime.

IMG20200517111851-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200517114540-01 (Copy)

Pina Colada – Cocktail made with white rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream.

IMG20200517111504-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200517121910-01 (Copy)

Banana Daikiri – Cocktail made with Cuban white rum, banana, lime and cane sugar syrup.

IMG20200517111823-01 (Copy).jpegIMG20200517121803-01 (Copy).jpeg

Tequila Sunrise – Cocktail made with tequila, grenadine syrup and blood orange.

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