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“Vaponaire” is a new vape brand from Japan, started by SENSE OF WANDER LIMITED which has been based in London since December 2018.

Vaponaire is co-developing the finest Japanese tastes with a Japanese food-based flavouring manufacturer and making unique and tasty flavours like never before.

Vaponaire provides our customers with the most elegant & refined E-liquids from Japan, which is known for its high quality foods and products.

Vaponaire’s mission is to provide customers with a new world through high-quality vape products and services from Japan and maximize customer satisfaction through out the world.

Japonism A range:

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Japonism A1 – is a tropical blend of sweet Passion fruit with juicy and fruity notes throughout, taking your taste buds on a tropical holiday.

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Japonism A2 – is a refreshing cool Lime flavour, despite its name it does not contain any Mint or Menthol, just a cool refreshing citrus Lime with zesty and sweet notes throughout the vape.

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Japonism A3 – is a tropical classic Cola drink flavour on the inhale, followed by a burst of sweet and juicy Red Cherries on the exhale.

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Japonism A4 – A delicious and sweet Ginger Tea.

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