20200310_17_36_39185 (Copy)20200310_17_36_39197 (Copy)

Black n Blue – A devilish mix of blueberries and grapes is hosted by a full on aniseed candy kick, underlined by a refreshing menthol exhale. Likely to give Red Astaire a run for its money.

20200310_17_36_39184 (Copy).png20200310_17_36_39196 (Copy).png

UK Smokes – Faint notes of Burley and Latakia tobacco leaves with a hint of smokiness is reassuringly familiar. This is a subtle and smooth tobacco taste which makes UK Smokes a great all day vape.

20200310_17_36_39194 (Copy)20200310_17_36_40201 (Copy).png

Clara-T – There is no doubt that Red Astaire has met its match. Clara-T has a more subtle aniseed lick, and a tad more freshness, which will excite your taste buds and make your atomiser buzz.

20200310_17_36_39195 (Copy).png20200310_17_36_39198 (Copy).png

Colonel Custard – Stand to attention! The colonel has arrived. In fact this beauty should be called the king of custards. This lush, creamy, custardy vape is so full of flavour, it will be hard to ever fill your tank with anything else.

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