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Aisu Yogurt Strawberry & Cream – Embrace the sweet frosty taste of freshly plucked strawberries, with a creamy yoghurt base.

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Aisu Yogurt Melon Milk – The Sweet scent of freshly sliced melon, mixed with cool milk to give you a tantalising experience.

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Snow Pear – A ferocious snowstorm rages within the sweet Asian pear, just plucked from the mountains of China!

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Purple Slushie – Inhale for the cool and breezy ice zap; exhale for the burst of indulgent grape.

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Z FUEL Original – Engage your day with the help from our Original Flavour. OG brings an extreme sensation to your everyday vape. With 300mg of Caffeine to keep you running.

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Aisu Mango – Find a new inner-peace as you meditate under a mango tree, with a cool breeze blowing from your lungs. With our smooth shave ice mango flavour, discovery harmony.

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Lychee Lemonade – Experience the tangy zest of lemonade evolving into exotic, sweet lychee. Beautifully balanced like a gymnast on a beam.

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Aisu Aloe Vera – Watch the water current as you drift through the warm countryside, with sweet (and sour) scene of spring bloom and the cool touch the river. With our unique Aloe Vera flavour, it will take you on a journey.

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