Nasty Shisha Double Apple – Imagine biting a flavourful red apple. Double the bite with a hint of sour, but with a beautifully juicy green apple. A perfect mix proven in the history of shisha.

Mango Strawberry – Experience a wonderful taste from the worlds best strawberry. Just a drop of this lil Badass will get you to a tropical heaven which is perfectly mad by us.

Bad Blood – Freshly Picked Blackcurrant Berries.

Wicked Haze – A mix of sweet blackcurrants blended together with freshly squeezed lemonade.

Green Grape – Crisp and sweet green grapes were plucked to make this combination possible. Rich flavours with subtle undertones of sourness for that delicious flavour.

Bronze – A simple yet delicious buttery blend of tobacco and caramel.