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Green Apple –  a strong fruit aroma that’s replicated in its taste. Crisp notes of slightly tart, apple flavour characterise the inhale, which plays well with the menthol exhale that creates a cooling sensation that lingers after every vape.

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Aloe Vera – Aisu, with authenticity and clarity of flavour, recreates that classic Japanese experience, with?fresh fruits and cooling ice?bringing you a step closer to the Orient!

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Melonade – a soda blend containing hints of fruit. A zesty lemonade base, containing fizzy notes, is complemented by a ripe-tasting melon for a layered flavour.

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Peach Ice Tea – a light and sweet aroma, similar to its taste when vaped. On inhale, a ripe tasting peach flavour is blended with floral notes of ice tea, creating a sweet yet cool finish.

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Snow Pear – a distinct fruit blend which plays between sweet and sour notes. A yellow pear, also known as snow pear, creates a crisp yet bitter taste which is apparent throughout.

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Passionfruit Zest – a tropical fruit blend featuring a citrus layer. A sweet passionfruit with tart notes is fused with zesty lime, ideal for vapers who prefer sharp flavours.

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Super Acai – an original energy drink flavour and infuse it with the chocolatey taste of Acai and the tart notes of wild blueberry.

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Citron Freeze – It’s not just the caffeine which will wake you up with this juice – the ice-cold citrus blast is also designed to refresh your pallette. Expect the taste of an original energy drink infused with cold lemon.

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