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Tobacco Black – is a dark, rich, woody tobacco with bitter vanilla notes.

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Tobacco Gold – is a macerated tobacco flavour, with subtle notes of chocolate and nuts.

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Tobacco Ice – is a refreshing blend of light, fruity tobacco with menthol and ice-effect. A delightful vape for the summer.

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Tobacco Malt – resembles a refined whisky. Malted barley, chocolate and orange liqueur amazingly blend with the bourbon flavor.

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Tobacco Smooth – is a blonde and sweet tobacco flavour with strong notes of vanilla, caramel and coconut.

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Tobacco Sweet – is a mild tobacco blended with biscuits, pistachio and caramel.

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Tobacco White – is a fine, blonde tobacco flavour with light rum accents.

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Tobacco XO – is a strong, macerated tobacco flavour with nutty and brandy notes.

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