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BLUE RASPBERRY LEMONADE – Sweet raspberries mixed with homemade lemonade, having a thirst quenching aftertaste.

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CHERRY LIMEADE – Handpicked cherries squeezed with fresh limeade, served on the rocks for an ice Kool vape.

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COCONUT PINEAPPLE – Ripe and sweet pineapple with a refreshing coconut undertone, will have you dreaming of sun, sea and sand.

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ORANGE MANDARIN – Fresh oranges bursting with citrus goodness, squashed together with sweet mandarins.

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LIME LEMON – A balance of sour lemon and bitter lime expertly fused together to make a perfect all day vape.

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MINTY LIME – Juicy lime, finely crushed down to the very last drop, blended with a refreshing burst of mint.

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PEACH MANGO – Succulent peaches combined with sun-ripened mangoes, leaving your tastebuds craving more.

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TROPICAL PUNCH – A delightful mix of tropical fruits, resulting in a punch of exotic flavour and Koolness.

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