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Nasty Shisha is an extraordinary series from Nasty Juice’s brand in order to fulfil the demand of shisha flavours made into vape from its lovers. All the goodness of antique shisha then modernised and improved as vape flavours.


Nasty Shisha – Grape Raspberry – Ripe grapes were chosen to get the fruity and earthy taste, mixed with fresh sweet raspberry. Together they are like Libra, a perfect balance of sweet and freshness.

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Nasty Salt Reborn – Trap Queen – This flavour contains a flavourful ripe strawberry fruit freshly harvested from farm. You’ll be thrilled with the freshness and the sweetness that will make you feel like you’re in a strawberry farm. Give it a shot!

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Nasty Salt Reborn – Bronze Blend – Don’t try to pass up on this homemade tobacco series. The caramel vanilla will get you mad about how intricate the taste is, Buttery, creamy,rich, mouth-drooling good!

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