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Razzleberry – Razzleberry has locked in the flavours of blackberries and raspberries, freshly picked from the forests and glens of the Mt Baker wilderness, to give you a unique vape you can enjoy any time.

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Blue Moo – Winner of the Best Dessert at Vape Scandinavia 2018, this timeless vape captures a delicious bowl of blueberries and cream that will make your taste buds moo for more.

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Hawk Sauce – From the mountaintop, the climber watched the hawk soar into the air and thus a legend was born. One of our most popular flavors, Hawk Sauce is a powerful blend of blackberry, raspberry and sweet and sour with a refreshingly cool finish.

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Forestberry Fusion – This freeform jazzy flavour breaks all the rules as it fuses raspberry, blackberry and wild cherry to bring all the goodness of the forest to your taste buds.

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