Founded in 2019, wisp are a brand new company that has just landed in the E-Cigarette market.

They are a team of ex smokers and highly talented Mixologists who are experienced in producing some of the most premium e-liquids to ever hit the market.

At WISP, they promulgate the importance of building a vaping community.

This is because, most of all understand the hardships that are entangled with quitting the habit that is smoking.

Forbidden Fruits – A cleverly crafted blend of numerous fruits that provide a fruity explosion with every inhale and exhale. Forbidden fruits will have you guessing what fruits truly make up this sensational liquid with a unique profile.

After Late – A luxurious and sophisticated amalgam, of a rich dark chocolate coupled with a tantalising mint. A liquid that comprises a mix like no other.

Sublime – A carefully balanced weld of two contrasting fruit groups, where a ripe, juicy and tasty strawberry meets a subtle bitter sweet burst of lime giving it the perfect finish with a touch of a secret fruit.