Apple Pie & Custard – Just like granny used to make.

Crisp sweet apple chunks in a deep buttery pastry pie, smothered in thick creamy vanilla custard. Hints of cinnamon & childhood memories may also be experienced.

Lemon Cheesecake – An all time classic.

A smooth buttery biscuit base with a delicious thick and creamy lemon tart curd topping.

Salted Caramel – Gooey heaven

A luxurious thick & creamy sweet caramel infused with hints of salt makes this a real more-ish treat that you’ll not want to put down.

Ruby Mango –Tropical Paradise

Ripe, thick mangoes pulped into a summer smoothie drink. Hints of menthol to cool you down as you relax under the palm trees.

Rainbow Candy – Somewhere over there…

A mouth explosion of sour fruit candy sherbet sweets that will leave your tongue tingling for more & more & more.

Cherry Cola – Fizzy Fizzness with a cherry on top.

A traditional fizzy cola drink with sweet juicy cherries fizzing away on your tongue & lips. It’s Cherry, Cherry good.