JELLY FISH – Our adventurer-chemist always in search of thrills found himself on a desert island to drink cannons with pirates. Inebriated by the vapors of adulterated alcohol, he sees in the distance a siren that invites him to join him. Immediately he throws himself into the water and is attacked by fl uorescent jellyfish. Their lightning bites instantly release in its veins an orange and strawberry flavor. It put him on fire for hours …
When he finds his senses, he is lying on the sand, a flask in his hand.

SPIDER – Our chemist went on a survival training course in the woods.
Having eaten nothing for 3 days he decides to feed on small purple mushrooms.
After this meager meal, he falls asleep and makes a horrible nightmare in which he finds himself facing a giant spider.
Imprisoned in his blackcurrant canvas, the imaginary monster throws on him his lemon venom.
His torment ends when he awakes with a start, stuck in his down, a purple gourd at his feet.

SNAKE – After a shamanic journey to Ayahuasca, our chemist, hallucinated, is bitten by the throat with a huge fluorescent snake. When we wake up, our adventurer from the beyond remembers nothing but a sweet sensation of lightly lemony strawberry chewing gum and the presence of a snakeskin potion at his side.
This spiritual experience and the discovery of this potion remains a secret between the shaman and our chemist.

SCORPION – During a road trip in the valley of death, our chemist stopped at a clinic to consume some local treats. At nightfall, he sees an immense green fl uo scorpion appear before him, attacking and pricking him several times. He told us that after a long blackout, he woke up in the middle of the desert with small green and yellow candies with kiwi-cacti taste and a strange green fluvio potion in his pocket.