You got bored of the same? You need something that will awake your senses? Something addictive like chocolate is? Try all the 4 liquids and you will feel like you are in paradise!

Ps….. our liquids don’t contain any kind of sweeteners or sucralose. They are made after a lot of tries and fails and they are the most pure liquids on the market. They are not simply premium, they are High End

The original – Its time to be Original again with this very special vaping liquid. You will never be able to forget its taste. Authentic Greek yogurt based on grandma’s old receipe with a note of strawberries from the fields of Spain, with a sweet caramel of a great selection of the best candies and a light cover of walnuts from different countries. Feel the authentic taste of Greece that has travel all around the world, coming directly from Olympus.

Dark Mamba – The Dark Mamba hits like a moving train and tastes exactly as you want to taste. It is composed of a variety of Burley and Virginia tobaccos. By combining these two ingredients in perfect balance, we have achieve the ideal elixir. We added caramelized cooked nuts to have a sweet and dry flavor at the same time. Probably the best ry4 you’ve ever taste.

Golden Gene – Do you remember your joy when you were a kid and someone brought you your very first bag of candies? Feel like this again with the Golden Gene. Because the Gene is Golden and never forgets. It is a mixture of cooked vanilla with butter biscuit and sugar, burned on its surface. This secret custard recipe will make you feel like eating a spoonful of this sweet and delicious dessert and it will wake up all your senses.

Sweet Mamba – Absolute Virginia tobacco with an exclusive recipe of variety of nuts that accompany nuances of biscuit and the toasted caramel. We have “smoked” everything to get a dry touch on the palate. Our second Ry4 is a masterpiece created by our precious alchemists. Dare to sweeten your days with this wonderful liquid.

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