YETI is an irresistibly fruity e-liquid range with a menthol twist that packs a frosty punch. YETI have extracted all of the exquisite flavours of the forest to bring you a selection of delicious berry flavoured e-juices. Take your pick from the 4 bold flavours available including blackcurrant, strawberry, forest fruit and cherry. Each e-liquid has a deliciously sweet tang with a minty twist that reinvigorates your vaping experience. YETI is available in 50ml short fill bottles and is a 70VG/30PG blend. So don’t hesitate, get your YETI e-liquid now!

ICEBERRY – Embrace the flavours of the forest with YETI’s Iceberry e-liquid. Yeti have extracted all of the exquisite flavours from the succulent berries of the forest and swirled them into a delicious 50ml short fill bottle. The well crafted flavours of the berries have been infused with the refreshing tones of menthol to give this e-juice an icy cool kick. As you vape, the sweetness of the forest fruit will tantalise your taste buds before the menthol takes over to give your vaping experience a reinvigorating feel. The aromatic sensations of Iceberry will satisfy your senses and leave you longing for that next vape.

BERRY BLAST – YETI’s Berry Blast Short Fill is a brilliant blend of luscious blackcurrants with an ice cold menthol blast. The ripe blackcurrants provide YETI’s e-juice with a delightfully sweet taste that is perfectly partnered by the refreshing kick of the menthol. If you want to give your e-cigarette a reinvigoratingly fruity boost, then Berry Blast is the flavour for you. This e-liquid will create an avalanche of flavours in your mouth and send your taste buds into a frenzy.

CHERRY FRO – YETI’s Cherry Fro short fill is a mountainous mix of sour cherry flavours with an icy menthol twist. The sweet and sour tones of the cherries create an exquisite myriad of flavours that will leave you desperate for that next vape. The various layers of rich flavours found in this e-juice add a sincere depth to the taste, creating a tang that is unique to Cherry Fro. The burst of menthol excellently complements the sweetness of the cherries, creating an e-liquid that will drive your senses wild. Cherry Fro is perfect for those who love the sweeter things in life.

STRAWBICLZ – YETI’s Strawbiclz short fill is an irresistibly fruity e-liquid that packs a frosty punch. Strawbiclz blends the rich flavours of ripe strawberries with a frosty blast of menthol to create an exquisite e-juice with an ice cold kick. The sweetness of the strawberries excellently complement the refreshing menthol tones producing a silky smooth vape from start to finish. YETI’s Strawbiclz is perfect for those who love the sweeter things in life.

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