Welcome to the Forbidden Island e-juice range, home of the most exotic and unique e-liquid flavours. Let us whisk you away to the world’s greatest destinations and give you a taste of what life is really like around crystal clear waters!

Available at Ecigwizard in 50ml short fill bottles.

HONOLULU – Embrace the tropical flavours of Hawaii with Forbidden Island’s Honolulu e-liquid. The punchy pineapple, lush guava and irresistible mango flavours perfectly blend together to produce a sweet, yet tangy kick from the very first vape. The initial flavoursome rush of guava and pineapple is beautifully complemented by an exquisite mango aftertaste which lingers until the very end of your vape. Come rain or shine, Honolulu will inject a tropical breeze into your day with every vape. Who said summer couldn’t last all year long?

TAHITI – Forbidden Island Tahiti is a tropical explosion of summer fruits that is sure to send your senses into a frenzy. Discover your island with this enticing concoction of mango and pineapple, perfect for vapers who are looking for a layered sweet flavour, with a tang that leaves a real impression. The initial burst of flavours from the fresh, ripe mangoes is perfectly partnered by the sharp aftertaste of the zesty pineapples. If you’re looking for a rich and exotic vaping experience, then Tahiti is the e-liquid for you.

ARUBA – Forbidden Island Aruba has a sublime fresh and citrusy taste that will whisk your taste buds away to a tropical island. As you vape, savour the sweet refreshing notes of the lemonade before the softer tones of the aloe vera take over, giving your vape a silky smooth finish. The crisp aloe vera coupled with the zesty lemonade creates a unique flavour that can act as a palate cleanser, excellent for when you’re experiencing vaper’s tongue (inability to taste e-liquid flavours). This succulent e-liquid provides you with fresh and floral notes throughout, perfect for those looking for a more exotic vaping experience.

MAUI – Get a taste of the tropics with the Forbidden Island Maui e-liquid. Maui’s exotic flavours will transport you to the lavish beaches of the Pacific islands with every vape you take. This e-juice combines lush lychees, ripened peaches, and succulent apples to create a cocktail of flavours that’s guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. The mouth-watering tang of the tropical fruits beautifully blend together to produce a full-bodied refreshing vape. You don’t need to travel to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the tropics. Just kick back, relax and vape your way to paradise.

TULUM – Emerge from the waves on to the sun-kissed beaches with Forbidden Island’s Tulum! The timeless mixture of freshly cut strawberries, sweet blackcurrants and juicy apples have all been swirled into one bottle to create a temptingly delicious e-liquid. The slender and sweet notes of the strawberries are complemented by the sharper tones of the apples and blackcurrants, creating an exquisite myriad of flavours. Tulum makes for the perfect all day vape and is ideal for those who prefer a tropical injection in their lives.

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