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Incesticide – The indescribable of the range! The citrus acidity mixes with an aniseed absinthe that will plunge you into the meanders of the …

Magma – Magma is a balanced blend of fruit (melon, watermelon, grape) sublimated by menthol freshness combined with the sweetness of bubble gum.

cupidon – Cupid is a very complex liquid. A fabulous mix of kiwi, strawberry pear, guava wrapped in a cream of milk. A delicious combination that vapes endlessly ..

Lucifer – Give in to temptation! Let yourself be seduced by this aroma of red fruits diabolically dosed for a fruity and sweet sensation where the sweetness of raspberry and strawberry combines perfectly with the sensuality of cherry and blackberry …

Royal Bermuda – A very good banana pie. A treat that will not leave you indifferent.

Andromeda – A concentrate of great complexity with its mix of aromas of red berries, blackcurrants, berries and a slight hint of freshness based on plants and pine. A treat that will not leave you indifferent.