E-Liquid Amnesia Haze Full Spectrum Vap’fusion


Discover the authentic flavor of the Sativa L hemp plant with CBD Amnesia Haze from a broad spectrum extraction enriched with terpenes . An authentic e-liquid more real than nature.

CBD Amnesia Haze Full Spectrum of superior quality

Thanks to a supercritical CO2 extraction process you will rediscover the hemp flavor. This liquid Vap’fusion is made from a BHO extracted seeds and fibers of the plants. This process allows us to be closer to the taste of the plant by preserving all the terpenes and cannabinoids present in it except the T-HCA that has been removed.

A CBD with incomparable flavors

Our CBD Amnesia Haze Full Spectrum is packaged in 10ml glass bottles and protected in a sturdy cardboard box. Equipped with a dropper pipette suitable for tank systems and a label compliant with the current regulations  No. 67/548 / EEC and 1999/45 / EC.

To offer you a unique and incomparable pleasure as well as a customizable experience we offer several concentrations of CBD without nicotine : 100mg, 300mg and 500mg.

Know-how recognized for many years recognized without T-HCA

Vap’fusion pionné in France in this field put all its know-how and knowledge of hemp for you offer high quality liquid CBD guaranteed without T-HCA . Our hemp is derived from organic agriculture andtherefore without pesticides, OGM .. Our liquid Amnesia Haze Full Spectrum is manufactured in France and complies with the laws concerning the marketing of hemp products (cannabinoids). Our CBD and terpene  are extracted from a hemp plant Sativa L incorporated in a base of propylene glycol (70%) and vegetable glycerin (30%) to obtain an excellent rendering of flavors.

How to use this e-liquid?

Our liquid CBD Amnesia Haze Full Spectrum is consumed with an electronic cigarette . We advise you to have a battery setting lower than 20w and a resistance higher than 1 ohm.

Noted that none of these liquids contain Nicotine.

Made in France according to the most stringent standards.