A true piece of art – from packaging to delicious liquid filling and label design

Say what you want but these modern Salt Nicotine line labels are bold, strong and definitely noticeable! These liquids are the manifestation for pod-based vape systems using Nicotine salt, that’s why we created every single bottle with their unique color and taste in mind.

APPLE FROST – Apple/Ice/Pear

APPLEBERRY PIE – Apple Pie/Forest Fruits

BITTER PERFECT – Mango/Apricot/Grapefruit

MERRY PEAR – Pear/Cranberry/Wild strawberry

PLUM TOBACCO – Tobacco blend/Plum/Vanilla

PURE TOBACCO – Tobacco blend

RUSSIAN WINTER – Apple/Strawberry/Citrus

SPRING BITE – Pineapple/Strawberry/Cherry

SUMMER DREAM – Kiwi/Raspberry/Strawberry

TWISTED PINEAPPLE – Peach/Pineapple/Raspberry

VANILLA TOBACCO – Tobacco blend/Vanilla/Caramel