GENIUS™ line with six different tastes for six true geniuses

Our favorite geniuses that we used to see on TV or read about in textbooks. We accented their unique features in flavors and packaging design for you to enjoy.

A true piece of art – from packaging to delicious liquid filling and label design

Unpredictable, intelligent and mysterious in their own passionate way of doing things. Sometimes misunderstood, yet able to create something new and unusual, something beyond imagination. True Geniuses! We have designed every single bottle with its unique features and characters.

Our passion for top-notch quality and customer satisfaction is the foundation of every product line. We have created a gift box that represents our love for perfection in every detail to treat you and your loved ones with one-of-a-kind case filled with your favorite liquids.

CHAPVAPES – Enjoy these delicious pancakes with caramel topping. Sweet caramel cream and fine pancake dough make perfection. If you are looking for an ideal dessert flavor for all-day vaping, try the new Chapvapes.

VAPELI – Is there no delicious breakfast than sweet and golden-baked waffles full of sweet and fresh blueberries and on top of blueberry jam? The flavor combines delicious and sweet waffle dough with a sweet, authentic, blueberry flavor. You fall in love.

VAPENCHI – The flavor of Vapenchi is soulful. In flavor is the finest cream yogurt full of sweet and juicy pieces of fresh apricots. Do you like yogurt flavors? You will be enchanted by authentic taste. For the first time you will recognize the delicate flavor of cream yoghurt and the typical apricot taste.

VAPESLA – For fans of cakes and fruit aromas, there is the flavor of Vapesla. It is a hidden delicate taste of lemon pie, also called meringue pie. Its typical taste is distinguished by the extraordinary fineness of the snow cap and the dough at the bottom, there is also the sour taste of the lemon filler. Bite! Let yourself be carried away!

VAPESPEAR – Do you love the traditional French croissant? Imagine a delicious dough with a crusty crust on top. Croissant is covered with pieces of walnut. A great choice for a hearty and tasty breakfast. Now also for all-day vaping.

VAPESTEIN – Vapestein is an ingenious fruit blend. Crunchy berry cake with the most delicious berries such as blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The whole flavor is softened by the rhubarb, which delivers the best.