ZAP! Juice’s iconic Vintage Cola infused with 6 classic flavours. If there was something missing from your life, it was probably this.

Cherry Cola – The oldest Cola combination in the book! Sweet cherries bring an even juicier feel to the already refreshing cola.

Lime Cola – A tart twang lingers on the tongue, bringing out each individual flavour for an extra intense vape!

Mango Cola – Imagine flying to a tropical island, plucking your own mangoes from a tree, and squeezing them into a vat of vintage cola drink. Now, imagine you could vape that without any of the hassle.

Peach Cola – An all-around winner! The thick peach syrup is sweet and smooth; a truly luscious vaping experience.

Raspberry Cola – The pure sweetness of raspberry hits first, quickly followed by our truly special Vintage Cola mix. You won’t even know where the liquid went!

Vanilla Cola – Vanilla permeates through the Cola, suffusing the mixture with a smoothness you won’t find anywhere else!