Atmizone introduces the Creek, our new 22mm RDA for ideal single-coil setups. Squonk-ready out of the box, the Creek also includes both MTL and DLoriented options in the package.

Its design allows juice bottom feed, while at the same time driving air right under the coil.
Check out the features tab for some really interesting details about it.


The juice well, deck and vaporisation chamber

Creek’s juice well is designed with a capacity of at least 1.2ml (depending on cotton used), offering great autonomy. The deck makes rebuilding really straightforward, with the design of its posts, auxiliary “rails” on top, and well-sized phillips pan head post screws helping for this purpose. It can host various types of single coil setups, from small up to large exotic type coils. The inner formation of the Top Cap, together with the deck parts design, create an ideal vaporisation chamber, which prevents condensations to reach up to the drip tip with ease, also being leak-proof when vaping or carrying the device around. What’s more: The Top Cap collaborates with the Base / deck via a smart one-way locking mechanism, which allows instant access to deck but at the same time ensures safety against unwanted access from children (TPD compliant) or opening the device by accident.

The Airflow

With this BF RDA, Atmizone’s airflow concept includes four parts collaborating in a simple but effective way, in order to regulate and drive air from the side of the Top Cap until it reaches right under the coil. Air is regulated via the small / large side slot of the Top Cap, then goes through slots of Base, Pos Post Insulator and path of Pos Post respectively, so that the air flow finally comes to the resistance from beneath. This helps to optimise vaporisation and enhances flavour, while allowing the juice bottom feeding function to work flawlessly.

MTL or DL?

The Creek is actually suitable for both MTL and DL vaping. This is achieved by installing the Positive Post made for each vaping style, both coming right out of the box. Each Positive Post features a proper sized path of air flow inside. One DL oriented with cross section similar to a hole D≥4mm and one MTL oriented with cross section similar to a hole D≥2mm. Likewise, Creek’s Top Cap design incorporates one different side slot on each side, one large / DL oriented with cross section similar to a hole D≥4mm and one small / MTL oriented with cross section similar to a hole D≥2mm. Long story short: You choose the Pos Post you prefer and regulated it with the corresponding side slot of the Top Cap.

The drip tips

Product package brings you two different wide bore drip tip designs. They are both delrin to reduce heat but also serve as adapters for 510 drip tips. This way you may vape directly if you vape DL, or use your own favourite MTL drip tip on top if you vape MTL. Trying to take all details into account, collaboration between Top Cap and drip tips is normally tight in order to allow dripper function by removing the drip tip, but there is also an alternative o-ring which is included in the box for extra tight collaboration between drip tip and Top Cap.


– Air flow tuning via two Pos Post designs, one DL oriented and one MTL oriented. Air flow fine adjustment with Top Cap small (MTL oriented) or large (DL oriented) side slot.

– Robust, lightweight stainless steel 316 food-grade construction,  PEEK thermoplastic polymer electric insulators, acetal drip tips.

– M2.5mm pan head phillips SS, nickel plated post screws.

– 11.2mm post-to-post space, ~7.0mm post-to-post net space , ~6.5mm net coiling space .

– Juice well capacity ~1.2ml

– Max. net coiling height in the chamber ~5.5mm.

– Height 27.0mm [top to bottom, 510 excl., tip “A” installed]/ Height 29.0mm [top to bottom, 510 excl., tip “B” installed]

– Weight ~38g