Femme Fatale are fatal beauties who drive millions of people around the world crazy. We are both afraid of them and passionate about them, we hate and we love them, we fear them, but we are already in this toxic relationship. They really know your secret desires.

Charming coco – Enchanting, fascinating and sexy beauty. She always draws attention and forces you to be a better version of yourself. Many have tried unsuccessfully to understand this sweet and vibrant Coco… would you be one of them?

Flavor profile – fruity/sweet/bright.

Holy molly – Happy and hot baby, living for the moment and she does not worry about what will happen tomorrow. Molly is always open for a sweet party, fruity courage and exotic emotions.

Flavor profile – exotic/sweet/fruity

Lucy diamond – Crazy, eccentric, rudderless beauty, but she knows the really important truth. And only you can choose: to suffer or to enjoy. Sweet and sour fruity Lucy’s kiss is waiting for you.

Flavor profile – sour/sweet/berries.

Herbal mary – Cheerful and good-natured Mary happily enjoys life. Relaxed atmosphere, herbal freshness and sweetness of the moment ̶ all of this is Mary.

Flavor profile – herbal/mint/fresh.

Bright crystal – Daring and aggressive Crystal can become an enigma or object of lust. Can you get on the right side of this cold beauty?

Flavor profile – citrus/mint/menthol.