The world around us is an unstable system that is being improved on a daily basis. We believe that only incessant experimentation can lead to breakthrough results.

Vaping is one of the most successful experiments made by humanity, making the world around us a happier, healthier and safer place to live.

Differ is a team of enthusiasts with deep expertise in their field who make every effort to follow this ethos, and apply a variety of competencies for the common cause.

We believe that the products that we use every day, visual representations, that we get from social media, the content that we consume, determines our emotions, thoughts and moods and affects how we live our lives.

We do not pretend to please everybody. We try to communicate with those of you who share our thoughts, values and ideas. We try to be honest and open with you.


Fawless cold and natural fruits. Peerfect balance and new interpretation of simple truths. Break the ice of your stereotypes. Neon signs of Tokio, futuristic scenarios, acid atmosphere. Super Suppai references the essence of acid perception by strengthening it with acidic favor. The future is now.
Neon signs of Tokyo, futuristic scenarios, acid atmosphere. Super Suppai reflects the essence of acid perception by strengthening it with acidic favors. The future is now.

More acidic than meets the eye

Acidic Apple – Fresh and crisp, sweet and really sour green apple.

Strawberry & Raspberry – Juicy mix of sweet strawberry blended with sour raspberry.
Tangerine – Authentic flavor of sour oriental tangerine.
Cranberry – Original bitter berries lightened up with sweetness and sour.
Kiwi&Lime – Great mix including the sweet, juicy meat of ripe kiwi balanced with really sour lime.
Orange – Our interpretation of Red Ruby Orange – juicy, sweet and sour.