Solar Juice is a series of E-Liquids filled with pure deliciousness of well-matured flavors. Perfect for all day vaping. Try them today!

JUPITER – A double trouble combination of juicy Mangoes forming a spectacular flavourful e liquid bomb that’ll blow your taste buds away.

MARS – Triple berry combo that’ll take you to Mars and back. Furthermore, Solar Juice’s Mars triple berry contains your favourite freshly picked berries and will most definitely be a new addition to your e liquid rota.

VENUS – Will take your taste buds for a juicy ride in a black hole filled with flavour. This e liquid for your vape features Pineapple with a Spanish twist to make this e liquid a juice to remember.

Mercury – A sweet strawberry which perfectly captures the succulent fruit taste to produce the sweet, soft aroma that we all love. This flavour will electrify your taste buds and take you on an odyssey.