Flavor-Smoke Classic and Premium Flavors

We work with highly specialized flavor technicians to create unique, unique Classic and Premium flavors. Of course we will not stop there and adapt to the wishes of our customers. That’s why we will always bring new classic flavors and premium flavors to the market. All of our flavors for Liquids are of course sugar free and glucose free. Our aroma shop will constantly increase.

Elfenwasser – The pure water of an elf fountain. Full refreshment, full of flavor! A slightly different combination: Fruity strawberries and strawberries with menthol meet a slightly sweet cream, a touch of ice candy and a little anise, not too much! The whole is rounded off by a light hint of vanilla. 

Sweet Grape Sure – A sweet grape aroma refined with a hint of apple.  By adding a variety of apple notes, Flavour-Smoke’s grape flavor has been given the obtrusive touch of chewing gum. This is Sweet Grape Sure one of the tastiest pure grape flavors. 

Druid Soup – A true potion, as it is written in the books! A refreshing combination of woodruff, spearmint, eucalyptus and five secret herbs. Beware, can lead to superhuman strength in Gauls.

Strawberry Vanilla – Various forest fruits and dominant strawberries float in creamy custard. Various forest fruits whose tart notes are softened by a more dominant strawberry. Doused with a creamy-sweet custard. A sweet and seductive dessert!