The Glaz RTA Atomiser by Steam Crave is original and familiar. Original for the atypical diamater of 31mm, the 7ml capacity for e liquid and the Pyrex Atomisation Chamber. Familiar, as it has a look and design of an Atomiser Aromamizer, from the range which has become a reference in material for the rendering of flavours.

The Glaz RTA can welcome thick assemblies in double coil for a powerful vape, with a double postless plate. The aeration passes at the base of the atomiser with a “Beehive” type, a grid that we have already seen on certain Supreme Aromamizers. There is also an 810 Standard drip tip for good production of vapor.

Yes, the Glaz RTA is a mastodon of 31mm in diameter, and can hold up to 7ml in e liquid. It is equally, and for your pleasure has a transparent atomisation chamber, all in Pyrex. A chamber which allows you to see close enough the assembly plate, or to simply admire the work of the Glaz Atomiser, in the inside.

The Glaz RTA has beautiful engravings on the top cap to signify its mark. It is entirely made in Stainless Steel and Pyrex.

To have good autonomy of e liquid is good. But you must have the assembly plate to go with it. Which, Steam Crave have chosen with the Glaz RTA, a new postless plate which welcomes the thick assemblies in silmple or double coils. Note: the passage of the airflows is cut obliquely to avoid the leaking of e liquids.

The aeration of the Glaz RTA assures the openings in sockets on each side of the atomiser. The aeration is entirely adjustable by a ring which opens the passage, more or less air passage of air. We are typically in the airflow by Steam Crave.

The filling of the Glaz RTA is simple gracious to the retractable top cap.

Glass chamber/ chimney section
Brand new postless deck design
Special bottom angled airflow design
Sliding top-refilling method
Semi restrictive airflow for ultimate flavor chasing experience

1 x Glaz RTA
1 x Spare 7ml glass
1 x 7ml PC tank
1 x Allen Key
1 x spare o-ring and grub screws
1 x User manual
1 x Steam Crave sticker