We’ve really pulled out all the stops with this extra creamy and fruity selection, bringing you a range of E-Liquids the likes of which has never been seen before! You’d think so much flavor wouldn’t be possible, but we managed it! Starting with the full fruity flavor of Blueberry, and right up to the intensive taste of Danish Cinnamon, our range lacks nothing, even winning over those among us who don’t actually have a sweet tooth.
And if you prefer doughnuts, then you’ve even got a choice of two flavours. Light, and dissolving on the tongue, they will sweeten your day!
One thing is certain: You won’t find it easy to choose!


Flexibility with every drag! We therefore provide the vaping experience of the future! Whether a previous smoker or new to vaping, we love the freedom that vaping brings. At all times, wherever we are, we can test our tastebuds and indeed decide for ourselves what nicotine strength we want. According to medicinal studies we consulted, vaping is up to 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes, and with our liquids, you do not run the risk of diabetes, despite them being such a sweet treat! As if that wasn’t another reason to vaporize our carefully tested E-Liquids!

Drooling Drew – Merry go round and round … the more flavor the merrier the shades of the tastes. Come out, come out, Honeydew Melon wants to play. 

El Amigo Loco – FREEX is gonna give it to you – with this all around jiggly mojito flavor. This flavor hits fresh and beautiful for the wicked FREEX

Mr. Snowman – Slip and slide into the tantalizing fantasy of a warm summer’s night. Seize the squeeze and swing away with our orange icy flavor.