Mother of Vapes – Mango Afters – This is not to be missed, Green Mango! Taken the bitterness and replaced it with a smooth rich subtle sweetness that brings the most out of the Mango. Feel the real difference.

Mother of Vapes – Apple Afters – This Apple Afters is nice and subtle – flavours that are enriched with tasty green apple sweetness. Giving it that delicious squeezed apple juice feeling, like your eating the real thing.

Mother of Vapes – Lemon Afters – This is the most mouthwatering, juicy, sensational Lemon Afters. It tastes absolutely Lemony. To produce that amazing flavour, ingredients were handpicked from around the world. If you want Lemon – Look no more!

Mother of Vapes – Strawberry Afters – This is the Strawberry Afters – This has the hint of melon to give it a more mellow exhale. Packs a punch when inhaling and delivers memorable tastes when exhaled.