Electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids) and handmade coils. Created with love and care in Riga for vapers all over the world.

Bob Vaperley – Sweet and juicy mangos make you go crazy on hot summer days. But here comes the lemon and brings you back to earth, only to send you back up just moments later.

Elvis Vapely – Wish to try something otherworldly? Something unseen and unheard of? Imagine the sourness of elderberries, slow dancing with the ripest of pomegranates, creating a taste so sensual, so exotic, you simply must have it.

Jimmy Vapendrix – Apples and pears — the classic base of fruit salad, that sends us right back to childhood — complimented with icy freshness makes this classic flavor extra cool.

Michael Vapes On – The rich taste of berries — perfectly ripe strawberries and raspberries — embraced by the gentle sourness of kiwi fruit brings out the best characteristics of this legendary combination of flavors.

John Vapenon – The dizzying sweetness of lychees in perfect harmony with the ripeness of a peach, surrounded by a zest of lemon creates unforgettable heights of pleasure.