Aroma mix 50ml in a 60ml bottle.The product is a food mix, tested as a food flavor and registered for food inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture as a food.

It is a mixture of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Monopropylene Glycol (PG) carrier medium , which is used in the standard food flavors of Capella, TPA, Flavour Art, Flawor West, Real Flavor SC, Inawera .

BOOOM – Mix 9 ingredients. Banana, coconut, sour cherry, black sour cherry and rum. Multi fruity horror-free combination. But everything is perfectly matched, with a banana in the forefront of the banana, followed by the coconut, the cherry along with the black sour cherry. Everything connects beautifully with cinnamon with brown sugar and rum. Fine, delicate, full of flavor. Suitable for all day.

ATTACKER – A mix of sweet and sweet-sour fruit, flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar. As a result, we present a fresh fruit juice with pungent cinnamon and an earthy touch of brown sugar. Light, fresh, ideal for all day.

SOLDIER – Greek yoghurt with a mix of cranberries, sour cherries and black cherry. Sweet-sour goody good for all-day, which fully fills you with the idea of ​​a yogurt drink with fresh fruit. For the coming season, it is absolutely ideal. You will never have enough of this liquid.

NUKE – Mix orange, chilli mango and vanilla, on a coffee-hazelnut cream background, with bourbon reverberation. Very fresh fruit mix with aromatic tail. Liquid full of different flavors, which, however, match perfectly. Ideal for All day vaping.

SGT – Cheesecake with red toping. A very distinct and rich taste of the cheese cake complemented by fresh fruit juice. Fruit goes hand in hand with cheesecake, all the ingredients are legible and complement each other.

KNIFE – Summer time is full of cool drinks and lemonades. So we’ll get it too. Pineapple lemonade with pear and yellow watermelon taste. Have a juicy drink and refresh your mouth. A totally unrealistic portion of the fruit in your tank. A bonus? This lemonade even beads. Enjoy a rich portion of bubbles. For lovers of cool liquids, add menthol or coolade.

DEFENDER – Do you like new things? Are you not afraid and have fun discovering? How about a challange? Okay, let’s go. Salad cucumber, lemon peel, honey and red licorice. This fluid is not just good, it’s surprising. Ideal for summer, decently sweetened. Again ideal for adding Coolada.

BULLET – Very fresh mixture of red fruits, namely cranberries, raspberries and strawberries. The entire fruity part is set on taste of a licorice, anise and absinthe. A big surprise is the overall flavor of the liquorice and anise. Although they are known in the mix, they form an auxiliary ingredient that highlights the overall taste and juice of the fruit juice. The ideal liquid for the summer. For fans of cool liquids, we recommend adding coolade.