Lion’s Roar – A cream of milk with a delicious mix of fruit cereals and hazelnut chips.

Bang Bang – A delicious gourmet blend with hints of vanilla and a touch of strawberry milkshake.

Aserah – Blend of wild strawberry and raspberries, a peachy note, all wrapped in cotton candy.

Mallok – A complex, complex but balanced blend of vanilla, caramel and a multitude of nuts.

Hater – Blend of wild strawberry and raspberry, with a hint of cassis, all lightly coated with marshmallow.

Chimére – A delicious greedy blend enhanced with a woody note all on a blend of chestnut and nougatine.

Carnage – Blend of strawberry, blackcurrant and exotic fruit, all slightly minty.

Gourou – Gourmet vanilla, popcorn petals, a delicate hint of marshmallow all on a bed of caramel.

Corsaire – An American classic decorated with caramel and its cream praline with honey.

Balji – A refreshing blend of ripe banana and sweet banana.