Orangeade – Who loves orange Soda? We do, we do, we do! Orangeade eLiquid by Steepd takes this classic favourite and magics it into your ultimate best bud. No worries if you shake this one first, the fizz is all in the flavour!

Pink Fizzy – is a take on those classic chewy sweets we all know and love. Each puff of this Short Fill eJuice delight features a mouth-watering, fruity blend of tangy green, zesty orange, succulently sweet black and purple fruit based chewy sweets with a hint of sparkling fizz! It’s a vape that’ll take you right back to the days of Pick n Mix penny sweets at the local shop, eyeing up the fizzy fruity chewy sweets and preparing to spoil your dinner, much to mother’s disappointment!

Quick Shake – Steeped full of indulgent, decadent delight, this heavenly Short Fill Quick Shake eLiquid by Steepd takes the sweetest, juiciest strawberry, drenches it in the slickest, creamiest of custard and tops it all off with a lustrous finale of thick, velvety whipped cream! Shake it up baby, this creamy delight is sure to take centre stage in your cast of various vapes!

Sparkle – comprises the freshly squeezed taste of homemade sparkling lemonade with a juicy twist of opportunely ripened, hand-picked raspberries for a flavour combo that with each puff, provides the ultimate refreshment! 

Coaster – is a delicious Short Fill eLiquid that combines the cool, zesty, citrusy burst of lemon intwined in a thick creamy, devilishly steep mountain of luscious velvety ice cream.

Walter White Xtra – A mouth watering vape steeped in the taste of sweet, tangy blue raspberry bubblegum injected with a syrupy liquorice Aniseed, and rounded off with a cutting kick of cool fresh menthol.