Phy-Ant(Prime handwork yield-Agneta)was established in 2017 by a group of restless e-cigarette lovers.To date,the Phy-Ant brand has been introduced to the market with seven products.
Phy-Ant upholds the brand culture of its ingenuity,advocates a healthy,active,and willing to share lifestyle,and is committed to the development of “safety,health,fashion”electronic cigarette products.The ultimate fanaticism caters to the needs of e-cigarette enthusiasts.
As long as it is a player’s needs,we must do our best to design and manufacture only to let our customers like us enjoy better service at a lower price.
We promise that quality products are only a small step in the service,and more are to provide better services to all customers,including market guidance and product sales guidance.Through the accumulation of its own experience and the unremitting pursuit of the future,it constantly carries out self-innovation,management,and business philosophy innovation.The greatest contribution to the electronic cigarette industry.

PHY-ANT: Made in China – Ingenuity product