Castle Juice is made from sophisticated French ingredients.

Our original flavors are made from aromas crafted in France in the city of Grasse (World’s capital of perfume).

Our selection of outstanding essences is the result of the French gastronomic culture through intense and subtle blends.

Castle juice is made in France in laboratory complying with European standards for a safer vape.

INVICTUS – A harmonious combination of a truly blond Tobacco and caramel with a hint of vanilla. It’s the wizard’s secret recipe!

KING’S CUSTARD – A sensational mixture of custard cream and caramel, seasoned with the secret royal recipe. If the King is always craving for this delight, you will fall for it too.

FANTASTIC III – A perfect combination of 3 kinds of Tobacco, being fused into a unique flavor for light tobacco lovers. It will be one of your best friends in your stop-smoking quest!


Majestic as cappuccino, strong as rum and sweet as caramelized crispy nuts. This original and savory combination is exclusively made for real coffee lovers just like the kingdom’s knights!

CARAMELUCCINO – Let your taste buds succumb to this exquisite mixture of caramel and vanilla cream with notes of the best coffee in the kingdom.