Capri Conne Grape – Deep red Concord grapes are by far the most delicious variety of grape thanks to their rich full bodied flavour, giving you the dark sweetness you’d expect in a grape. Up until now, It’s been nearly impossible to get that perfect flavour in a vape-able form, however Capri Conne’s Grape changes things. It perfectly recreates the rich sweetness and deep, dark flavour of a Concord grape, with just a hint of a tang on the tail end. Grape lovers can relax, the king of all grape flavours has arrived.

Capri Conne Mango – Capri Conne’s Mango not only nails the unique flavour of a mango, but also perfectly recreates the taste of the earthy skin, giving that unmistakable tropical flavour to the fruit. To top this off, this mango is more of a mango juice, than a solid fruit, meaning that it’s just different enough from traditional mango juices to stand out, without straying too far from the familiar! Guaranteed to please the mango lovers out there!

Capri Conne Mango Yogurt – Mango and yogurt are rarely combine as a vape flavour, however Capri Conne’s Mango Yoghurt is a delicious as it sounds! t takes the sweetness and unmistakably tropical nature of a mango and perfectly combines that with the creamy tang of a natural yoghurt. If fans of a creamy liquid have felt left out of the mango craze lately, this is the juice you’ve been looking for!

Capri Conne Orange – Orange by Capri Conne e-liquid line’s namesake is as delightfully sweet as it is tangy and this juice is an excellent recreation of the authentic! If you’ve found yourself wishing you could vape the authentic juice, Capri Conne have come through with the vape flavour for you!

Capri Conne Strawberry – Strawberries have been the preferred fruit for many vapers since the very beginnings of the industry, however it’s incredibly rare that you’ll find a plain, simple strawberry flavour that’s as juicy, or that contains that subtle earthy sweetness of the actual fruit – That is until you try Capri Conne’s Strawberry, which takes the strawberry flavour profile from its namesake and truly makes it pop.