Electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids) and handmade coils. Created with love and care in Riga for vapers all over the world.

Viagrasconi – The combination of ripe pomegranate and soft strawberries creates an undeniably sexy taste, while the crisp, tangy lime with a minty after-taste adds freshness and sensibility.

Don Chump – The lasting taste of chocolate combined with the light charm of banana cream. The interplay of these flavours are present only in rich sophisticated desserts.

Kim Kabum – Ripe cherries and strawberries symbolize coldhearted bloody dictatorships. Combined with slightly sour pineapple taste the flavour achieves originality and mortality on the lips.

The Iron Angel – “Power Triangle”. A flavour combination of sweet wild strawberries and luscious ripe pears. With a cold note that completes a flavour befitting the most assertive modern woman.

Big Vova – Sweet notes of apple and strawberry against with sourness of lemons. An infusion of burning cold from a bouquet of flavours of which lime the most distinct. A unique flavor born from an original spark of charisma.