Electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids) and handmade coils. Created with love and care in Riga for vapers all over the world.

Jean Claude van Vape – The bitterness of grapefruit with notes of ripe mango and delicate sweet apricots. The perfect combination in perfect proportions.

Bruce Vapes – Of all the different ripe, sweet fruits, the sour-sweet flavour of apple pie stands out, giving the feeling of home and cosiness.

Chuck Vaperris – The taste of citrus sets the pace of the flavour, combined with fresh cucumbers and cool mint as an addition to this bouquet of freshness.

Sylvester Vapellone – The originality of chestnut cake is captivating, and the sweetness of toffee takes you back to your childhood.

Arnold Schwarzvaper – A real fruity treat. The unique, powerful flavour of wild pineapple, the juice of ripe peaches and the delicate taste of garden raspberries.